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My absolute favourite kind of sessions are the slow ones where we just hang out at home, cooking, playing, having a coffee, just enjoying each other's company. People are relaxed and natural and so the photos are. .all raw and honest. Beautiful everyday moments captured, that’s what life is.

Are you looking for fun family photos that capture the twinkling before it disappears? A sunrise session or a sunset session.  I’d love to chat with you!

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school photos

Do you have more than 1 child at the Kindy ? Please register each child separately. Photos of each child cannot be combined into 1 photo package. See FAQ below.
Do you give Permission to MAX Family Photo to use a couple of images of your child on website/print, promo, educational materials/examples of work. (Names and location are never used)

Thanks for submitting!

  • Before Photo Day!
    1. Register Now and pay a deposit of $20 for photos to be taken of your child. $20 required PER CHILD. Your deposit fee is given as credit towards a photo package. A $20 credit code will be sent to you via email to use towards your photo purchase. You don't need to choose a package yet - not until you see your photo gallery. You may specify your desired photo day on the registration form. NB: Your deposit is only refundable if your child is absent on photo day and not for any other reason.
  • Why do I need to register my child for photos?
    No registration means no individual photos are taken of your child. Registration for photos gives us permission to photograph your child. Please note this registration form only takes the details of one child. If you have more than one child at the centre, please fill out a separate registration.
  • How do I pay for photos ?
    Photos are taken first and then you decide what package to order based on the photos you see in the gallery. Information on how to order photos will be emailed to you with the login and password to your child's gallery. All photo packages are chosen online and paid for using a secure payment system using credit card/paypal or direct deposit.
  • When the photos will be ready?
    After the photography has completely finished at the centre, it will take up to 2 - 3 weeks to receive your link to view the images in the online gallery. The gallery link is emailed to your allocated email address.
  • What if my child is away on their scheduled photo day ?
    ​We understand that sickness/unforeseeable circumstances occur. As we are at the centre for usually more than 1-2 days there may be an opportunity to come in whilst we are still at the centre. Please Contact Us to reschedule your child's photos during our time at your centre. If we have finished our photo sessions at your centre we may be able to come back on 1 occasion only (depending on availability) and an upfront fee is required (with credit towards purchases) for your child to be photographed in this instance.​
  • What should I dress my child in ?
    It’s important to note that the best photos are not always about fancy clothes but rather the best most interesting expression, laughter and joy. So just some nice clean clothes are really all that’s needed.​ If you have specific instructions - make sure you note it in your registration form or let the class teacher know. We cannot retake photos without a payment of $25 as a reshoot fee if we are not aware of a clothing request.
  • Do you take sibling photos ?
    Yes, absolutely ! If your siblings are both/all enrolled at the centre - we photograph them at some point during the day that you have selected for photos. Please note packages are priced per child. A package is required to be selected per child and combining photos into one package is not permitted. The photos of siblings together will be placed into 1 of your children's galleries ( usually the youngest child's photo gallery) and may be ordered within that package for that gallery. SIBLINGS (both/all enrolled at the centre) PHOTOS ARE TAKEN ON THE YOUNGEST CHILDS SCHEDULED PHOTO DAY.​ If you have older siblings ie SCHOOL AGE - NOT at the centre it’s best to come before 9.00am and I will fit them in nice and early (please contact us to book this in). There is a $25 deposit fee for this session that is given as credit towards your purchase. PLEASE NOTE: We do not photograph siblings NOT enrolled at the centre that are younger than school age due to time constraints and other factors. Please arrange a family session on a weekend for this service. Our priority is to capture children registered at the centre plus possibly older school age children for sibling photos only.
  • How many pictures do you take?
    Usually you will get 10 - 20 photos per child to choose from. Please keep in mind that some children are more camera shy than others, so this is an average, not guarantee.
  • How much do photos cost ?
    We have lots of options for all budgets ! Single photo (print or digital) - $20. Packages starting from $39. Packages are priced per child. A package is required to be selected per child and combining photos into one package is not permitted. Sibling photos of children together are placed into one child / or the youngest child's photo gallery to be ordered within that child's photo package selected.
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