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Capturing Joy: A Look Back at Last Year's Precious Moments in Daycare centres and Early Learning Centres. 2024 is open for bookings!

At Max Family Photo we specialise in natural light family and kids photography.  One of the defining features of our photography ethos is our love for natural light and the great outdoors. 

Just a few reasons why we love capturing outdoor kindy photos:

Endless Exploration and Adventure:

  • Kids just love being outdoors in the play spaces. Outdoor settings offer endless opportunities for exploration and adventure, allowing children to be themselves and express their natural curiosity. 

Freedom and Creativity:

  • In the great outdoors, children have the freedom to roam and play, fostering a sense of creativity and spontaneity. Natural light photography allows us to embrace this freedom, resulting in candid and heartwarming images that reflect the true spirit of childhood.

The natural light makes for pretty pictures.

  • Natural light provides a soft, flattering glow that adds warmth and depth to every photograph. Unlike artificial lighting, which can feel harsh and artificial, natural light creates a natural and timeless aesthetic that highlights the beauty of your little ones.

Along with beautiful outdoor images, we also take indoor activity shots as well as classical studio portraits. Parents LOVE the variety of styles and photos we offer.

Here are a few beautiful moments from 2023 sessions at our wonderful childcare centers.

Bookings 2024 are Now Open!

As we embark on another year of capturing priceless memories, we're thrilled to announce that bookings for this year's daycare and kindergarten photography sessions are now open! If you have/work at a childcare centre or have a child at kindy this year and you would love us to attend and would like us to attend, please contact us for more details!


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