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Our pets are our family – their story is our story.

family photo shoot outdoors in a park Sydney with dog

Because our pets enter our lives and forever leave pawprints on our hearts. Because pets make us better people and they deserve to have their lives captured, celebrated, and honoured for generations to come.

Pets & kids just go together naturally... so, it's really no surprise that they're two of our favourite subjects!

Furry friends are such a big part of the family, not only are they included in family portraits these days, but they are finding their place on the

family photo wall starring in his own pet portrait!

The shoot can either take place at your home or your dog's favourite park. There are so many beautiful locations for photo shoots providing lovely natural backdrops. The choice of location is entirely up to you, you and your family might have a favourite park where you always go so you and your pet will feel more relaxed as you are in place that has special sentiment.

young family photo session with a dog, Sydney photographer

Schedule your pet photography session today and include your pets on the family photo wall!


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