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What to expect at a Beach Photo Session

It is no secret that Australia has some of the best beaches in the world. There is such a variety of spots to photograph at! To get the most out of your beach photo session, we prepared a few helpful tips.

Getting your family pictures taken should be a light and fun activity, which means you just have to let it all out and be natural. Let kids splash and kick water at you. Some of the biggest genuine smiles we got is when we let the kids be themselves, covered in sand and soaking wet from head to toe. So be ready to get wet!

Beach Family Photo session. Family having fun at the beach.

Beaches are windy so expect your hair to get blown around and get a bit messy. Good news is that flowy clothes will look great on beach pictures! Don’t wear mini skirts, they are uncomfortable to sit on the sand. Avoid large bows in Toddlers and Little girls, they fly up and pull their hair.

Shooting at the beach can be a ton of fun, especially with children. They are so interested in exploring their surroundings. We don’t care if they don’t want to sit perfectly still and smile at the camera, instead we follow them around and try documenting them as they explore and feel the salty water or gritty sand between their toes!

a family at the beach during family photo session at Sydney

We love beach photo sessions! Please check our upcoming photo sessions locations here.


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