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Short Films For Families

As parents we know how fast the years go. We are often nostalgic for moments, right after they happen. Video has the unique ability to preserve not just the moments in time but the sounds and the way it feels. At Max Family Photography we create a beautifully, custom edited short film of your family, and include it with your Photo Session.

At your home or out on location, we can combine both photography and videography to capture a beautiful few minutes of your life, wrapped up into a collection of moments and emotions that will bring you right back to this time. We will create a three minute film clip of your family doing their most favourite things. Grandparents and extended members of the family are welcome as are fur friends.

Whether you want candid footage of your loved ones or a legacy film to pass on to future generations, your family’s story deserves to be heard. Your parents will thank you now. Your kids will thank you later.


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