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Sydney Eastern Suburbs Mini Sessions Favorite Locations

Centennial Park

Centennial Parklands offers a remarkable range of landscapes including pine forests, sloping fields, ponds, beautifully manicured gardens and bushland settings.

I absolutely love Centennial park in Sydney – it provides limitless fun for kids of all ages, it's a great location for family mini sessions.

Milk Beach, Vaucluse

Situated at the base of Hermit Bay within the Sydney Harbour National Park, Milk Beach is a small isolated beach surrounded by the Heritage listed Strickland House.

Offering a breathtaking view of Sydney, Milk Beach is one of Sydney’s hidden gems!

A great spot to go and chill and have a nice view of the city, can also do a walk by following the path round to other little hidden away beaches which is worth doing.

Highly recommended for families, couples, or anyone just wanting to hit their reset button for an hour or so. Great little escape right outside of the city.

Little Bay Beach

This is a beautiful location and has a very Mediterranean feel. Little Bay forms a hollow in the cliffs, so it’s somewhat protected from wind, and a reef means that there aren’t really any waves. Gets very busy during summer time. Best to visit outside of the holiday season or early mornings.

Blackburn Gardens, Double Bay

Blackburn Gardens is a beautifully restored heritage garden and retains spectacular views of Sydney Harbour. The garden adjoins the historic St Brigids building, Murray Rose Pool and Seven Shillings Beach. The garden features manicured lawn with a secret garden, sundial and water feature.


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