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What to Wear for a Family photo Session.

This is the burning questions for most families. How do I dress everyone and keep my sanity at the same time? Relax, we've got you!

Choose several complimentary colours and stick to them. Don't choose one colour for the whole family - multiple colours will add dimension to your images.

Pick a pattern

Pick one pattern and go from there. Avoid dressing the whole family in patterns. A good idea is to choose one item, a dress for example, with a pattern containing colours you like. Then choose colours from the item that you love for the other family to wear.

Coordinate, don’t match

When it comes time to choose what to wear for your family photo shoot matching may be the first thing you think of. Here’s a tip to avoid ending up with photos that look too “matchy-matchy.” Instead, lean for complimentary colours, like a pastel palette.

Skip the Logos and characters

If you do want to bring in a little pattern, designate these items to one or two people in the shoot. If one person is wearing a patterned dress, skirt or shirt, try pulling the colours for the other family member’s clothes from the pattern. This combo will create a nice continuity for the shoot and will really make your photos pop.

Avoid bold patterns, colourful stripes, large logos, or writing. We want the portrait to be all about the amazing subject! Clothes with large patterns or slogans bring your attention to the clothes, not their beautiful faces!

Add layers & accessories (hats, jackets, scarfs, jewellery). This is a great way to add variety to your images and gives your portrait depth and dimension.

Plan age appropriate outfits and outfits you can move in.

Remember, kids will be kids during our sessions. And we want that! So, make sure whatever you choose, they’re comfortable in. If they’re not, it will show. I’m all for special outfits for your photos, but I recommend making sure your little ones wear them at least a little bit of time before our portraits. Otherwise, choose something you know they’ll be happy in and will smile for us wearing.


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